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CarbonCor Graphite Topper with Cover (1.5" Thick)

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Our Graphite Toppers are made with equiTEMP™ Technology:


  • Equitemp, first coined by Albert Einstein, is a way to describe events that all occurred simultaneously at a constant time, no matter the location in a given spacetime dimension.


  • Our equiTEMP™ Technology, also uses this concept of constant stability
    • Using the natural conductive properties of graphite, equiTEMP™ Technology provides a constant surface feel no matter the temperature. 


  • Unlike traditional memory foams that firm up when cold and soften with heat, CarbonCor™ maintains a constant comfort level for you through the night.


  • Use a CarbonCor™ topper to add pressure-relief and a balanced sleep surface temperature to any mattress, new or old. 
    • It will alleviate back pain, pressure points and keep you cool & comfortable through the night, winter or summer.